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Site Map / Pages:

Getting Started Guides - Questions to ask yourself if you're planning for a long trip and how to get started "going minimalist"

FAQs and Q&As - Questions you may be asking yourself if you're considering minimalist travel

How-To Guides - Methods and tips that can be applied to minimize your pack for short or long-term travel

Packing Guides - Recommendations and packing tips for various locations/climates/activities, etc.

Clothes and Gear - Recommendations for clothes, tools, products and gear designed to minimize your footprint

Tests and Experiments - Testing assumptions, products and methods as they relate to minimalist travel - coming someday

Philosophy - Thoughts and opinions on minimalism, minimalist travel and the future of work and travel

Blog Posts - All the posts in one spot, moderately organized, as much as my brain allows

About / History / Why - How I got started with minimalist travel and why I built this site :)

Recommended Articles:

The Bare Essentials - The absolute minimum required to travel, with some limitations (opinion piece)

The Future of Work and Travel - What work may look like in the future and how it will change minimalist travel

The Five Types of Minimalist - A completely made-up categorization of the five "types" of minimalists and how they pack

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