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Packing Tips & Guides

Every trip is unique, but some trips require a little less, and some a little more.. check out the below articles for ideas on what to bring and what to leave behind.

  • Top 10 Ways to Minimize Your Pack - Geared towards long-term travelers looking to minimize (under construction)

  • The Bare Essentials - Essential items to bring on every trip, regardless of location, climate or planned activities

  • Now I'm Hot, Now I'm Cold - a breakdown of recommended clothes/gear based on location/temperature/climate, etc.

  • Packing for Warm/Hot Weather Climates - 

  • Packing for Cool/Cold Weather Climates - 

Other Recommended Articles:

  • The Minimalist Method - How and what I pack to minimize space and maximize flexibility

  • What YOU Should Pack - Not trying to tell you what to do.. but you consider asking yourself these questions before any big trip

  • What To Bring vs What To Buy - An in-depth analysis of what to bring versus what you can leave behind (or buy on the road)

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