The Goal of This Site

Updated: Jun 30

I built this site for a number of reasons... some selfish and some selfless, as varied as human nature.

  1. I was truly inspired by the "pure" minimalist I met in Thailand, he had no worries and it really blew me away, and I think his perspective is worth sharing - check out The True Minimalist.

  2. I believe that if people recognize how little they actually need, how simple life can be, how stuff can weigh you down without realizing it, and how all the important things in life are free... the world might just be a better place.. that freedom from worry could translate into creative pursuits, more human connection, a healthier environment, etc... there are many, many potential benefits of minimalist travel, and I think it's worth sharing - check out The Benefits of Minimalist Travel.

  3. I'm a technologist and gadget junky at the core, and while the story above was extremely inspirational and eye-opening, I still love finding tools and methods that can make travel easier and more enjoyable.. it's a balancing act and a challenge, and I love a good challenge.

  4. It feeds my creative side, thinking about where we're at and what we're capable of today in terms of minimalist travel, and I like to think about what the future will hold, how travel will be different in 5, 10 or 15 years, and what tools or products could be developed to make travel easier for everyone - check out The Future of Work and Travel.

  5. I'm truly just curious if I'm a weirdo for being obsessed with this concept.. are there other travelers out there trying to do the same thing? Could we build a community of like-minded travelers that are always looking for ways to make travel easier.

  6. Lastly, minimalist or not, I think travel makes us better people, it's a way for us to connect with people and find commonality, it's insight into a different way of life, a different culture, different belief systems, and the more exposure we get to alternative ways of thinking, the better off we are as a collective..

The point of this site isn't to tell people how to pack, what to pack or how to travel; instead, my hope is to..

  • Give some insight into minimalism in general, why I think it's important, how it can change your perspective, and how it may potentially benefit your life..

  • Help people understand the realities of minimalist travel; the pros, the cons, the benefits and the limitations of packing the bare minimum..

  • Share my experiences on the road, as examples of what you may run into and may want to prepare for before your trip..

  • Share how I pack and what I pack, in the hopes that it will give you some idea of what's possible, and potentially help you define YOUR list of essentials..

  • Share new tools, products, toys, gear, methods and anything else I find that can make travel easier and more accessible to more people..

  • Provide ideas, options and alternatives to help minimize your pack..

Ultimately, I want people to know how easy it is to travel, how little you actually need to travel and how much inherent freedom you already have to go almost anywhere in the world with just the clothes on your back, despite our preconceived notions of what's "necessary" in today's modern world- in the hopes that it encourages more people to travel.


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