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Anyone, Anywhere, Anytime

Anyone, anywhere, anytime.

That is my ultimate goal, to give people the ability to travel anywhere, at anytime, with just the the clothes on their back and whatever is in their pockets..

Idealistic? Maybe.. But possible..? Definitely.

Imagine you're walking down the street and you get a phone call that your brother got into a serious car accident.. he's in the hospital and stable, but your family needs you there right away... (bear with me on how depressing this may sound).. the point is, you have to run home, pack up your clothes and laptop, and catch the earliest flight home.

Or on a lighter note, imagine your buddy from college calls and says "HEY, I just scored two VIP backstage tickets to <insert your favorite artist here>, and we get to meet them!! You just have to get to Vegas by 9pm, I know it sounds insane, but can you make it??"

Or... let's take a worst-case scenario, there's a disaster in your city making it effectively uninhabitable (I'll leave the disaster up to your imagination).. maybe your home is destroyed, or you only have a few minutes to grab your most precious belongings before you have to leave... You have no idea where you're going, what the temperate is, what language is spoken, how long you'll be gone for or if you'll ever even make it home.. all you know is that you're being evacuated immediately.. and suddenly, you're a refugee.

Now granted, these are extreme situations, and maybe not the most fun to think about, but the picture I'm trying to paint is this; wouldn't it be great if you knew that everything you needed to live, work, move or travel, was on you at all times?

Your phone is your laptop, and all your important documents are digitized and available if necessary; your slim profile glasses double as a display when you connect them to your phone; your haptic gloves make any solid surface a working keyboard and mouse; your job is fully remote, so long as you have an internet connection; your smart-fabric clothes adjust to whatever climate you find yourself in; your headphones, stored in your smart-watch, come with in-ear language translation; I could go on, but I think you get the idea.

"Movement is life" - yes, I am quoting World War Z - and the ability to move quickly and easily lends itself to any number of situations, good or bad.

Personally, I like to imagine this level of freedom applying to fun, spur-of-the-moment events, but in truth, it ranges from hopping on a plane to the nearest beach to hopping on a bus to the nearest "safe zone."

And while there's still a ways to go before all of this become a reality... a lot of progress is being made, and it should (assuming the world doesn't devour itself) get better and better.

If you were too engrossed in my epic story of doom and gloom to check out the embedded links.. here's the latest and great in each of the categories mentioned..

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As always, thanks for reading and (hopefully) happy travels.


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