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What is Long-Term Travel?

Let's start by defining a few different types of travel.. completely made-up and 100% accurate.

  1. Short-Term - aka Short-Hauler aka Weekender - traveling for a week or a weekend, usually domestically (unless you live in a one of those cities that are actually countries.. or states(?).. it's confusing).. but in short.... you don't have to do laundry.

  2. Shmedium - just like the shirts I wear, it's traveling for just long enough to explore a new city (or tiny country) .. but not long-enough to be considered "traveling" by people who "travel."

  3. Medio Travel - traveling for two to four weeks, long enough to forget about work, short enough to maybe keep your job, if you even have one.

  4. 3Mo Life - Traveling for one to three months, popular among travel nurses and the homeless with remote-work jobs, this is a beautiful life and your friends will be jealous.

  5. Long-term Travel - Traveling for a month or more.. maybe three months, maybe six, maybe a year.. who knows.. who cares.. you're living in a fantasy world (er.. land..? hmmm).. Anyway, it's traveling for a long time.. and it's fucking sweet.

I know it's not realistic, but I wish everyone could travel "long-term" at some point in their life.. especially us sheltered Americans who think Mexico is dangerous and kittens have claws*..

*UPDATE - kittens do have claws! My world-view has been shattered.

Anyway, here's a lighthouse.


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