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Tests and Experiments

Using nothing but small children and lab rats.. or lab children and small rats.. whichever you prefer.. (it's a JOKE Google!)..


Below are the results of hundreds upon hundreds of hours of testing and re-testing; applying, un-applying and re-applying; researching and reverse-engineering; purchasing and returning; reaching out to fellow unaccredited scientists and local "experts," and in every conceivable way.. testing the assumptions we've unconsciously internalized from spending hours and hours soaking up ads on Instagram and TikTok.. i.e. my own personal version of Myth Busters for Travelers.

I'm a bit skeptical, skeptical that the way we do things is the only way to do things.. and partially convinced that businesses (large or small) have a vested interest in making sure we keep doing things the way we do them now... even if there's a better, cheaper or more environmentally friendly option.. for fear of doing anything that might affect their lines of business or revenue generating products.

And so, I've created this page as a landing zone for at-home research, product testing and scientifically rigorous experiments designed to answer some age-old questions like...

  • How often do you really need to wash your clothes?  Are washing machines the best and/or only option?

  • Is laundry detergent necessary or could I just use water?  Does it matter what kind of soap I even use?

  • Are quick-dry fabrics really quick-drying?  Are moisture-wicking fabrics really moisture-wicking? Are stain-proof clothes really stain-proof?  Are anti-bacterial clothes really anti-bacterial?  In other words, are travel-specific clothes worth it? 

  • Etc.

This is just a start, but you may find the results interesting, and maybe it will change how you live and possibly.. how you travel. :)

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