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What If I Told You..

What if I told you, you could get up, grab your passport right now, and fly to (almost) any country in the world.. with no plans, no bag, no destination and no reservations??

Would it make you nervous? Anxious? Excited?

Would you worry about money? Clothes? The weather? Your job? The language barrier? Or how to explain your erratic behavior to family and friends?? (<- that's impossible)

These are all, in fact, legitimate concerns... in fact, most of them should give you pause.. or at least cross your mind - if you're in the 99% of the population that doesn't fly to exotic destinations on a private jet for the weekend.

But for the rest of us, there's good news, because you CAN do this, with just a tiny bit of planning and a little bit of know-how.

I've argued throughout this site that you barely need anything to start traveling, especially if you embrace the "pure minimalist" travel philosophy.. but even if you don't, you have a lot more freedom than you think.

It's easy to overthink and over plan, it's the hallmark of a good traveler (just kidding).. but if you've never traveled long-term, you run the very real risk of overthinking, over planning and over packing.

The truth is, you can buy anything you might need, often for very cheap, in whatever country you're visiting; and your basic human necessities; food, running water, electricity, shelter, clothing, etc.. are all universal needs, which means you can find them everywhere.

Granted, you'd be much better off with a little bit of planning and a few essential items, but it's important to remember that you can survive and thrive and have the time of your life, without worrying about forgetting that one, super special, life-changing, custom-made, only-available-where-you-live thing that you need to have when go to that fictional country that doesn't have stores.

Don't let the marketing gods trick you, you don't need anything to travel, just your curiosity, creativity and sense of adventure. Happy travels.


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