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Tom's Minimalist Packing List (2024)

My minimalist packing list for 2024.

I've gone through many iterations of minimalist packing, below is my packing list for 2024.

The Basics

  • Passport, credit cards, and wallet. These items almost go without saying, but it's worth noting here what I don't pack - I don't keep my passport in a passport wallet or protective case, this is because my passport is always either on me (in my pocket) or kept safely in a hidden pocket in my backpack; even though passport protectors are useful, I prefer to keep things as simple as possible. I do use a minimalist RFID-protected wallet for my credit cards to keep things organized.

  • Primary phone, a burner phone, and headphones. A phone and headphones are necessities (at least for most people), while a burner phone is great for peace of mind, in case you lose your main phone, or you want to leave your main phone safely at the hostel when you're going out on the town. Your burner phone should be cheap, and you shouldn't care if you lose it - pop a local SIM card into it when you land for local coverage and basic communication.

  • Laptop, power cable, and portable mouse. Not mandatory, and if you can get away without bringing one, more power to you! It's worth noting here that I don't pack any laptop accessories, no portable monitors, no external keyboards, no laptop stands; I choose to suffer with my 15in laptop screen, but I do allow myself the luxury of a battery-powered portable mouse.

I pack a single 3-in-1 splitter cable to charge my phones, headphones, and Bluetooth sleep mask, and a simple universal power adapter; minimizing electronics means fewer cables, less need for waterproofing, and less worry when you leave stuff behind.

Toiletry bag and toiletries. I keep my toiletries as minimalist as possible and pack only the basics, toothbrush, toothpaste, floss, a cheap plastic razor, deodorant, etc. I don't pack soap, shampoo, or conditioner - and haven't for a long time - many hostels provide these, and if they don't, I pick some up when I land and leave the bottles for future travelers when I check out. Sharing is caring.

Clothes & Accessories

I'm packing slightly less than normal on this trip, opting for warm weather climates and fully committing to the hiker look, which limits my style, but allows me to fit everything (for 3-4 months) into this 24L laptop bag.

24 liter laptop bag


I'm keeping my extras to a minimum this year, opting for simplicity above all else.


That's it! That's everything I'm packing for 2024, if it seems small, it's because it is. :)

Happy travels!

Slim laptop bag


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