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The Bare Essentials (Packing List)

Aside from your clothes, shoes and backpack, these are - in my opinion - the few (and only) "must-have" items for any long-term travel.

Bags and Backpacks

Shoes and Clothes

  • Generic Trail-Running Shoes - keep it simple with one pair of shoes, just make sure they're comfortable, as you'll be wearing them everywhere; see Oh My God, Shoes! for more thoughts and recommendations. // The True Minimalist Version: a cheap pair from the nearest store.

  • Xero Barefoot Sandals - save space and stay (arguably) stylish with the smallest footprint sandals available. // The True Minimalist Version: the ubiquitous $1 sandals that can be found at any store, near any beach, anywhere in the world - you never have to worry about not having sandals.

  • ExOfficio Underwear - people rant and rave about Merino Wool, and it is great, for some stuff, but when I tell you I travel with just four pairs of underwear... believe me when I say, ExOfficio is king based on durability alone; they're comfortable, breathable, light-weight and quick-drying; everything the body needs. // The True Minimalist Version: a cheap set from the nearest store.

  • William Painter Titan Socks - super strong, steel-thread woven socks, built to last forever (or at least 10,000 washes).. I can't express how much I love these socks; they're expensive, but worth every penny. // The True Minimalist Version: cheap socks from any convenience store.

  • Convertible Hiking Pants - a two-for-one deal - if you don't mind looking like a hiker all-day, every day.

  • Nano Puff Jacket - arguably a must-have if you're traveling to cool or cold climates; I recommend the Amazon Essentials version, because it's inexpensive and effectively identical to the $200 name-brand jackets. // The Minimalist Version: a cheap coat from the nearest clothing store.

  • Ultra-light Rain Coat -

Toiletries and Convenience Items

  • Hanging Toiletry Bag - everyone needs a toiletry bag.. why not get one with a hook? It's not always an option, but you'll appreciate it when it is; there are thousands of options on Amazon, but the smallest, lightest option I've found (and currently use) is this Travelon Compact bag. Note: it is very small, but absolutely perfect in my opinion; check out Space Saving Toiletry Items for more ways to minimize your bathroom sprawl. // The True Minimalist Version: Ziploc bags.

Electronics and Gadgets

  • Universal Travel Adapter - I'm extremely upset it took so long to find this.. and I recommend it to everyone, it works in 150+ countries and takes up almost no space, and it's an absolute "must-have" for any long-term travel; see Electronics and Gadgets for more thoughts and recommendations. // The True Minimalist Version: a charger from any local convenience store. (Hint: they always have the appropriate wall outlet / plug type).

  • Portable Chargers - while not absolutely required, you'll appreciate having one for those long days (or nights) of exploration, and while some may opt for a solar charger, I find it far more useful to pack the smallest, lightest, slimmest chargers to keep my pocket packing to a minimum; check out the iWalk Lightning chargers (iPhones / Android) for "no cable" options, or the Charmast Portable Charger for a low-profile, universal option. // The True Minimalist version: a portable charger from any local convenience store.

Space Saving Extras

  • Ultra-light Daypack (Optional) - for bag organization or quick trips to the store

  • The Ridge Wallet - the most minimalist wallet on the market, RFID-protected and tough as nails (or carbon fiber)

  • Hydaway Collapsible Water Bottle -

Note: This post is under construction, check back later for updates!

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