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Space Saving Toiletries

My Amazon account is riddled with tried and tested, tossed and cherished toiletry items - all so you don't have to go through the pain of driving 30 minutes to the nearest Kohl's Amazon Drop-off Return.

Below are a few of my favorite space saving items for long-term travel; please, please remember that you can buy everything you could possibly need from a local convenience store, but if you want the best in miniaturization technology for the bathroom, check out these recommendations.

Hanging Toiletry Bag - Everyone needs one, you might as well get one with a hook; you may not always have the option to hang your bag, but when you do, it's extremely convenient. Check out the Purevave or Travelon hanging bags, as they are the smallest, lightest options on the market.

Evo Micro Shaver - About as small as it gets when it comes to electric shavers, but there are lots of options; I currently use and love my Meridian trimmer, but may opt for the smaller Evo when it's time to upgrade.. (or downsize??), whichever way you go, you can't go wrong.

Parker Travel Razor - These are cute and tiny and even if you don't shave, they give your toiletry bag a classic, sophisticated feel; Parker razors are designed for different types of Gillette blades which are available around the world, or pack a few extras before you leave, check out the Mach3 blade option here and the 5-blade Gillette Fusion option here.

Travel Nose Trimmer - Even tinier and cuter, nose trimmers don't take up a ton of space, at home I use the Wahl Travel Trimmer and while traveling I use this amazingly simple, battery-free Royal trimmer; and I absolutely love it; there's also a larger, newer version that simplifies trimming, but takes up more space; it's the price we pay for squeaky clean noses.

Traveling Panda Mini Toothbrush - You can find toothbrushes (toothbrushers? teethbrushies?) anywhere, but I came across these while searching for minimalist travel gear, and if you really, really want to save on toiletry space, these are good for your bag and good for the environment.

Reusable Cotton Buds - If you're an obsessive ear cleaner (and you should be, according to my brother), you may find reusable cotton ear buds to be right up your.... ear canal; truth be told, I can't believe these took so long to become a thing, but I'm happy they did.

Reusable Travel Bottles - Frequent travelers know the risks when they put lotion or liquid soap in their toiletry bag, specifically if that bag is being checked - the unpressured luggage compartment on the plane can (and usually will) translate into an explosion of your precious shampoo bottles, giving the rest of your toiletries a slimy (but thankfully good smelling) feel. And while one of the benefits of minimalist travel is that you rarely (if ever) have to check a bag, you may find yourself on smaller planes where they've run out of overhead space, or maybe you just want bag break, or maybe there's a risk of your bag getting crushed - in which case, these leak-proof travel bottles may be just what you need - just don't fill them to the brim!


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