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Welcome to Mr. Minimalist!

Please note, this site is a work in progress, you'll come across half-written articles, half-written jokes and placeholders for articles I intend to write but haven't quite gotten to yet (tracking my procrastination in real time); but if you love traveling and love traveling light, there's probably something in here for you.

If you've never heard of minimalist travel and are simply curious what it's all about.. check out..

If you're a seasoned traveler looking for tools, techniques or methods to help minimize your pack, check out..

  • How-To Guides - Travel hacks, tips and methods to minimize your pack, simplify travel and save money while traveling

  • Packing Tips - Recommendations and packing tips for various locations/climates/activities, etc.

  • Clothes and Gear - Recommendations for clothes, tools, products and gear designed to minimize your footprint

And if you're still curious about minimalism or minimalist travel, check out..

  • Everything Else - Site map, getting started guides, personal blog and a bunch of other shit.. I mean stuff.

Lastly, please feel free to comment, ask questions or create an account and share your own experiences/advice with minimalist travel, I'd love to hear from you!

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