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Welcome to Mr. Minimalist!


My name is Tom, full-time traveler, and part-time blogger. I spend most of my waking hours thinking of ways to make travel easier for as many people as possible. That obsession has translated into what you see here, a hodgepodge of travel tips, packing tips, how-to guides, and references to space-saving gadgets and tools. I'm not here to sell you anything, and I don't get commission for any of the products I reference, I simply want people to know how simple and easy travel can be, and how little you actually need.

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The tips found here are things I wish I'd known before hitting the road many years ago, so it's great for people planning, or considering, long-term travel. As the name suggests, many articles are focused on minimalist travel, but the packing tips and how-to guides are applicable to a wide range of travelers.

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Getting Started

Some Frequently Asked Questions on Minimalist Travel and how to get started.


The what, why and how of minimalist travel.

Friends Enjoying

12 reasons everyone should give minimalist travel a try (at least once).

Packed Luggage

The 7.. (maybe 12) things you should prioritize and pack prior to leaving the country.

Refillable Water Bottle

Sixteen things you should avoid packing for long or short-term travel.

Rules List written on the blackboard with hand holding white chalk.jpg

Six packing rules for minimalist and long-term travelers.

Travel Tips, Holiday Tips, Tips for Travelling, Travel Blog Content. Suitcase, Coffee, Pas

A consolidated list of travel advice spanning years, for long or short-term travelers.

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Packing Tips & Travel Hacks

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