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My Packing List (Hint: It's Personal)

I fall into the mostly minimalist category.. I pack 2-3 days worth of multi-use clothes, along with some tools to make life a little easier, and I wash my clothes daily - i.e. every time I shower.

If you're not sure where you fit, check out the examples and packing guides in What YOU Should Pack.

Here's a list of everything I'm currently packing (clothes and gear) - subject to change.


Essential Gear

Optional Gear

As you can see, my personal list of "must-haves" is small - who would have thought! - and since we're packing so little, the total cost for all everything is fairly minimal.

Clothes = $100 (shoes) + $80 (convertible pants) + $30 (shirts) + $20x4=100 (socks/underwear) + $30x2=60 (gym/swim shorts) = $370 for clothing.

Gear = $100 (backpack) + $15 (toiletry bag) + $10 (travel adapter) + $70 (wash bags) + $25 (waterproof bag) + $20 (portable charger) = $240 for everything else.

You can, of course, spend much less than this, but it gives you an idea of how little you actually need.

*Why two wash-bags? Instead of using compression packs, I found that wash bags work even better for compressing packed clothes into the smallest footprint possible; this is because they have a built in air/water release valve that effectively allows you to squeeze every bit of air out of the bag.

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The waterproof electronics bag is also great for day trips involving water, but beyond that, it's always nice to know your stuff is safe in the event of a sudden monsoon.

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More Information

Check out Cleaning Clothes / Laundry and Portable Dryers to see how I handle washing clothes.

Check out my Essential Gear post for a full list of (personally essential) non-clothing items.

Check out my Convenient Extras for a list of nice-to-have items.

Check out the Gear page for all posts related to hardware.


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