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Mostly Minimalist (Packing Recs)

A packing list for the "mostly" minimalist..


  • Passport and ID

  • Bank/credit card (or lots of cash)

  • Two or three pairs of multi-function, quick-drying clothes

  • Hiking or trail-running shoes, barefoot or minimalist sandals

  • Cell phone, headphones, chargers, portable charger

  • Small hiking backpack or hydration-pack (recommended 18-25L)

  • Hanging toiletry bag, protective/waterproof phone case

  • Portable wash-bag and/or sink stopper, paracord for washing/drying clothes

  • Padlock for hotel/hostel lockers

  • Universal travel adapter

  • Towel


  • Minimal investment in clothes and gear

  • Near complete freedom from worry or attachment to things

  • Partially (mostly) flexible travel destinations.. if you plan ahead for weather/seasons

  • Fairly minimal cost to replace everything


  • Limited to cool/warm/hot climates (but not cold)

  • Ideally need to wash one set of clothes daily at a minimum


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