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But I NEED My Laptop

Alternative methods/gear for traveling with a laptop..

For those traveling with a laptop, there are a few additional considerations to take into account.

To start, consider whether or not you really need your laptop...

Ask yourself if you can get your work done using a simple phone stand and foldout keyboard. Try this approach at home before making any decisions - if you're working a lot, you don't want to hate your professional setup, or you'll get nothing done - trust me, I've tried it.

For foldout keyboards, my Samsers brand is freakishly small and works well, but there are a million options; Sungwoo has a rollable/rubber/waterproof option (wired, not bluetooth), but I personally still prefer a hard keyboard.

You may also want to consider a phone screen magnifier if you want the benefits of a bigger screen without the risk of a costly laptop or monitor.

That's being said, if you do need your laptop, I highly recommend either a waterproof backpack or a waterproof laptop sleeve.

External Monitors

I can't tell you if you should spring for an external monitor, they're still pretty expensive but they're also extremely convenient. I won't make any recommendations here, as I'm still convinced that any extra items, especially expensive ones, will just add to your worry/stress when you're out and about seeing the world.

More to come soon, stay tuned..


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