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High-Tech Minimalist (Packing Recs)


  • Passport and ID

  • Bank/credit card (or lots of cash), RFID protected wallet

  • Three or four pairs of multi-function, quick-drying clothes

  • Thermal underwear, long-sleeve shirt, compressible jacket or raincoat

  • Hiking or trail-running shoes, barefoot or minimalist sandals

  • 13-14in laptop, cell phone, headphones, chargers, solar powered portable charger

  • Medium-sized backpack, laptop bag or hydration-pack (recommended 18-25L)

  • Hanging toiletry bag, protective/waterproof phone case, dry-sack for electronics

  • Portable wash-bag and/or sink stopper, paracord for washing/drying clothes

  • Padlock for hotel/hostel lockers

  • Universal travel adapter

  • Towel

Optional Add-ons / Upgrades:

  • Portable/waterproof music/audiobook player

  • E-Reader, Kindle/Fire or iPad

  • GoPro camera/recorder

  • Heated feet and hand warmers

  • Smart watch


  • Highest level of comfort, convenience and flexibility

  • Extremely flexible travel destinations, weather be damned


  • High up-front cost, higher risk of stolen gear, high cost to replace everything

  • Ideally need to wash one set of clothes daily at a minimum


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